Get out of any situation with

le gong

  1. A talkative coworker ?

  2. Press the le gong button

  3. « Sorry I have to take this »

By the press of a button (multiple flavors available!), make your phone ring like someone is calling you.

How does it work ?

le gong communicates with the smartphone with Bluetooth low energy (also known as BLE). BLE is a wireless technology. This tech is standard, available almost on any device (iOS and Android) and does not need a lot of battery power to work. le gong is paired with your phone ; don't worry! other bluetooth devices can work along le gong : your earpods, your portable speaker, whatever.

The companion app (iOS and Android) allows you to configure the behaviour of a le gong button click. You can choose who is calling you (picture, name, number). You can also select a time offset to determine how long after a button push your smartphone should ring.

Where can I buy one ?

We are not yet ready for shipping a fully finished, polished, product. Subscribe to the newletter so you won't miss the release :

Who is behind le gong ?

Frédéric Falliere - project initiator. Android and iOS app developer.
??? - hardware and supply chain.

Discover a flavor : le flower pot

Beyoncé is calling. Who would believe that ? Not me, because I know about le gong. But maybe you want to mess with your dancing buddy ? Or sparks jealousy in your random people on the subway. Be creative ! There are so many scenarios. Maybe a flower pot in the subway will be weird ... but on your desk ? In your living room ? It will go unnoticed ... except by you. The plan is perfect

Discover a flavor : le pen

John Resig. You don't know him. But I do. My coworkers do. You should have seen their faces ... They did not even notice me playing with the pen that hangs out on my desk all day. Ah ah. Be the evil genius you always wanted to be !